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When I’m not out roaming the Wortley Village of London, Ontario or searching for some new architecture to photograph, I am most likely enjoying the exploration of stock photography that I can give away for free. Today, I want to announce that I have opened a Stock Photo Shop on Creative Market to provide premium photos for modern creatives all over the world and expand myself and my photography beyond just London, Ontario.

Stock Photography is Just as Important

All kinds of photography are of increasing importance. Today, we all have a use for photography as we become deeper and deeper connected with social media and the digital landscape. While it would be perfect to always use photography you shot yourself or always share photos of your business, it’s not always possible – especially if you want to share imagery on a consistent basis.

Sometimes you need to turn to stock photography to help tell your story personally or commercially. I love helping people with the stock photography I give away for free through my few Unsplash accounts and through It’s amazing to help people and small businesses keep costs down while still getting great high-resolution images.

If you can’t afford to hire a freelance photographer to help you get custom photography for yourself or your business, stock photography can be of great help. A photo is not just something you print anymore. Photography is key for pretty much everything that lives online today. For example, you could use my stock photography for any and all of these examples:

  • Website headers and hero images
  • Font presentation
  • Logotype or insignia promotional materials
  • In any web design, blog, or template placeholders
  • Background images for web pages and landing pages
  • Articles, blog posts, app design (see one of my pineapple photos used in an app).
  • Personal or commercial projects
  • Any other promotional or presentational works
  • Social media posts, avatars, profile headers

The uses for stock photography go on and on and on.  The more imagery you have at your fingertips, the better! Adding images can boost your content credibility by 75%.

Why Creative Market for Stock Photography?

Creative Market LogoCreative Market is is a platform for handcrafted, mouse-made design and photographic content from independent creatives around the world. They’re passionate about making beautiful design simple and accessible to everyone.

The reason I chose Creative Market to put my stock photography for sale is because of the community of creatives that exist within their community. All kinds of creatives, designers, and makers are already there because they sell their work. I figured it was a great place to try and get some of my photography in front of the demographic that could most definitely benefit from them for those reasons mentioned earlier.

Another reason that I love Creative Market is because I am the one that sets the price of my stock photography and I don’t have to wait for a gatekeeper to approve my photo to be for sale in the stock photography network. I’ve had experience selling with iStock Photo and I always hated the process. Creative Market makes it easy for me to get my stock photography up and for sale.

Shop Now

The Stock Photo Shop is now open with 10 photos to begin. Even if you don’t purchase any of my stock photography, perhaps you can Pin them to one of your Pinterest boards and help out that way.  Thank you so much for your support!

New stock photography by Scott Webb of London Ontario

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