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The Sweet Sounds of the Sony a7iii

In my photography wishlist, I mentioned not being interested in a new camera aka the Sony A7iii for my architecture photography. At the moment, I wasn’t. Am I now?

In my photography wish list, I mentioned not being interested in a new camera aka the Sony Alpha a7iii for my architecture photography. At the moment, I wasn’t. Am I now?

Let me tell ya, I am much more interested in what could come from Sony in terms of the a7iii and the a7Riii than I am in what might come from Apple and the iPhone 8. My current camera, the a7ii still blows me away when I use it and while editing photos. My a7ii is only a couple of years old now and how much would my photography really benefit from upgrading to the a7iii? That’s actually a pretty good question to ask of myself and something you should always ask too. Before I get into my answer, let’s look at the rumored specs for the Alpha a7iii. 

Sweet Sony Alpha a7iii Rumors

From various sites around the internet and Facebook Groups, we find rumored specs for the Sony a7iii. I don’t know what to really expect so my interest could change based on what camera is released by Sony. For instance, could the release of a Sony Alpha a7Riii be even more enticing? That might depend on the price too 😉

Sony Alpha a7iii Rumored Specs:

  • New 24MP full frame sensor
  • A fully articulated touchscreen
  • 4K Video Recording
  • Same Sony A9 autofocus system without the 20fps frame rate
  • Joystick control
  • Improved AF (speed, accuracy, frame coverage, settings)
  • BSI sensor
  • AA filter or global shutter in silent mode
  • Faster EVF
  • Better weather sealing
  • Dual memory card slots
  • Price around $2000USD

Sounds kinda nice…

Is the a7iii sounding too sweet?

I can’t help but wonder if my photography would benefit from upgrading to the a7iii from the a7ii. I’m not a big tech spec person and have no idea if the new sensor in the a7iii will improve image quality. I’m confident there will be endless people reviewing the a7iii once it’s released and there will probably be a few that compare it to the a7ii. These would be the tech type people good at it. 

Most of the a7iii rumored specs seem to be nice-to-have specs when it comes to being an architectural photographer. The features seem as if they would make the art of taking photographs a better experience. For a different type of photographer, the specs may improve their images. With architecture photography, I’m not too worried about the autofocus system and how it might be improved. A faster EVF isn’t a big deal because architecture is a slow play, pretty much.

There are the specs that could improve the experience of taking photos though. A touchscreen would be brilliant because I am not a fan of using a dial or buttons anymore. There have been countless times when I’ve touched the a7ii screen trying to make my selection. A touchscreen for the a7iii would be a natural evolution. I would love the ability to put the a7iii into a silent shutter mode. Shooting architecture, I’d just like to stay as low key as possible depending on the building. This feature would be especially nice for interior photography because it wouldn’t bother anyone present or walking through the shot. With a remote shutter, people would simply be less camera-aware. In my photography, I like people to be blurred in motion and the sound of the shutter can make people think I’ve just taken a zoomed in photo of their face and going to post or steal their identity. Okay, that’s going a little far, but people never think they might be completely unrecognizable (which they usually are). 

I do love the idea of having dual memory card slots. I’ve yet to experience a card failure, but a dual slot would provide a bit of insurance while out on important commissioned architecture photography projects. I feel as if it would be a large letdown for many photographers interested in the a7iii if not included.

The feature sticking out that could help is the ability to record 4K. No 4K might cause an uproar. I talked about things being disrupted in architectural photography and video is the reason. I’m continuing to shoot more and more video. I’d like my professional full frame camera to be able to shoot amazing quality so I can eventually present clients with 4K quality promo videos for their architecture projects. Most of my architecture clients have great televisions within boardrooms and if they aren’t 4K yet, they will be very soon. People want to see their work in the best quality possible. This could be reason enough to upgrade to the a7iii, actually.

A big feature I would like is more mega pixels.

The a7ii already has 24MP, while the a7Rii has 42MP. Having 24MP is more than enough for massive prints and use in digital proposals, etc. But. But. More mega pixels provide more real estate to crop from when needed. I’d love to be able to crop some of my photos and still be left with a lot of pixels. I really should poll clients and see if they would really require such high-res images and files of their projects anyway. Most complaints I’ve heard from photographers using the a7Rii is that the massive files take longer to write to the memory card and it can slow them down if using burst. An architecture photographer wouldn’t run into an issue because, while the sunset and twilight time is fast moving, the light isn’t going to change as fast as athletes in the NHL. Buildings are pretty permanent and great at staying still. Things would be different for a wedding photographer too.

We continue to wait

Just like the next iPhone, we sit and continue to wait until the tech is officially announced. We’ll either be mind blown or let down. I’ve never really thought out a camera upgrade as much as I have been of recent.  If Sony releases an a7iii as rumored, I hope they also release an a7Riii. I’d love to see the a7Rii drop in price or find photographers selling theirs used for a great deal. An a7Rii would be an upgrade but it’s always so hard to not desire the latest and greatest. Afterall, the Sony Alpha a7Riii is rumored to sport 60MP! 

In the end, if Sony a7iii is a letdown, I could probably live with my a7ii for another year and invest in a few more tilt-shift lenses. Man do those lenses make a bigger difference than anything else.

What do you think?

Should you or I prepare to upgrade and love the sweet sound of a silent shutter on the a7iii? I’d love to hear your thoughts regarding your own upgrade thoughts and if you think it would be worth it for me. 

I’d love to hear your thoughts regarding your own upgrade thoughts and if you think it would be worth it for me. 

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Hi, just read your blog. Just saw that the A7iii was announced yesterday! Im going to get one and get rid of all my Nikon gear….Cheers David

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