Ramp at Toronto City Hall leading to the Green Roof

A Photo Tour of the Toronto City Hall Green Roof

I would like to take you on a tour. A photo tour of the Toronto City Hall Green Roof: Podium Green Roof. Perhaps you’re familiar with the iconic architecture that is city hall; but yet, you have not experienced much else that exists up that long ramp.  If you’re visiting Toronto from afar, you may not want to miss out on this space. Or if you’re like me, the photography may serve as inspiration for you to go out and …

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Architectural Photography and alive with usage

What is Architectural Photography in the Business Sense

I thought I would start off my articles with some thoughts on “What is Architectural Photography in a Business Sense.” This is a little different from most articles I’ve seen where a photographer tells you how to shoot and what to use.  In a generalized sense, Architectural Photography involves the photographing of structures, buildings, and interiors in a way that is both precise and aesthetically pleasing. This means that it is more involved than just pointing a camera at a …

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Detail images of the exterior architecture of the Audi Dealership in London by atrr

Audi Dealership by ATRR

This was my first visit to check out the Audi Dealership building by architects Tillmann Ruth Robinson. What’s missing? People and their interaction with the architecture, revealing how the successfully built project is “alive.” On my personal todo list? Twilight. Also, check out other architectural photos of the building I shared in the past.


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