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The Factory London Scouting Photos Feature IMG

The Factory London Ontario: The Indoor Adventure Park that was Kelloggs

I know a number of people that are wildly excited about everything The Factory London Ontario is bringing about to 100 Kellogg lane. I am one of them. I’m especially excited to shoot and share architectural photos of both the interior and exterior for Matter Architectural Studio Inc. First, I’d like to share 5 photos of the outside of The Factory from my initial scout. I won’t get into all the benefits of scouting in this post, but I’ll post up …

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Snapshot blown out and potentially useless?

Talbot Streetscape Photo Brought Back From the Dead

Hey! You’ve got to check out this streetscape photo I shot on Monday mid-afternoon. Normally, this is no big deal. Normally, this original photo would not get any attention from me and sit dead in my archives.  Rightfully so, this photo came at complete random. See here is what happened: My newish Sony A7riii was suddenly delaying the shutter release. It was like there was a 2-second timer before the camera would fire. Not a huge deal, but I didn’t …

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Photobombed by LTC bus while shooting architecture photography outside London Grand Theatre

Getting LTC’d

While out shooting architecture around London, I have had some fun with the fact that I end up getting photobombed by buses. Secretly, I believe I might have been subconsciously attempting to get these photos.  After many photobombed images, it’s become known as ‘Getting LTC’d” and I feel a bit disappointed if I don’t come away having been “LTC’d.”  So, it’s become a small photo series for me, sharing some behind the scene images, and helps me with my timing when …

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Archtecture photo of Forest City Community Church with removed distractions

Remove Distractions from Architecture Photos

I wish this was a video on how to remove distractions from architecture photos instead of a few photos and some type. My planning of an article like this one is terrible and very much on the fly. I guess it’s better than no content and missing out on a quick behind the scenes edit of one of my architectural photos. Instead of this being a ‘how to,’ it’s more of a ‘what to’ or a ‘what I removed that …

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