Build Awareness. Make Them Crush a Lot.

The point of an awareness strategy is not to capture dollars by selling a thing. The point of an awareness strategy is to capture attention by selling an idea adjacent to that thing. Think design and construction ideas related to your projects with the help of photography. By capturing attention with ideas you own that […]

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Gain More Attention with Beautiful, Intriguing Photos

When it comes to how beautiful architectural photography can help gain more attention for your company, it’s hard to quantify overnight. Depending on the situation, you could see a return on your investment in photography rather quickly, but most of the time attention builds over time.  It builds and builds until suddenly you realize your […]

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Track, log, and measure your Unsplash photo stats for greater future insight (using minimal effort)

Just in case you’re unfamiliar with Unsplash, it is a website where you can find and download high-resolution photography for free. You can use the photos for personal and commercial purposes. It’s also an amazing community.  Being able to contribute my photography to Unsplash brings me great joy. I love that designers, developers, bloggers, and […]