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Budweiser Gardens London, Ontario Feature Image

How’s Budweiser Gardens Looking These Days?

Budweiser Gardens sit’s downtown, London and brings all kinds of entertainment to this great city. But, how’s it looking these days? With a mission to help showcase London to the world through photography, I couldn’t help but look around the web. No, I don’t believe Budweiser Gardens is falling apart or anything like that. I mean, it’s yet another building I search for and can’t find some modern architectural photos. I’m talking photos that add value to our downtown appearance …

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Covent Garden Market, London Ontario through the seasons post

The Covent Garden Market Through the Seasons

The Covent Garden Market is one of the buildings on my long list for capture. With this project of photographing many London buildings, we started it at the end of 2018 because some images were needed immediately and autumn still presents the opportunity for great photography.  But, what happened?! It felt like London, Ontario got some of the worst fall weather. The sun decided to go on holiday and it really hindered photography. Saw and felt everything but those amazing …

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