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Dealing with Location Conditions as an Architecture Photographer!

In this article, I’ll talk about a tip for  Dealing with locations conditions as an architecture photographer to get your photos.  I’m fresh off an architectural shoot where I was photographing the Victoria Hospital Heating Plant at sunrise. The key word to that sentence is, sunrise. It could very well be sunset though too.  We […]

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Central Branch London Public Library Revitalization Images

Working closely with Nicholson Sheffield Architects Inc., there came a need for photography of their London Public Library Revitalization. I wanted to create clear imagery that was as close to reality as possible and had flexibility for them to use throughout any business need. The shoot took longer than anticipated due to the need to do […]

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Gain More Attention with Beautiful, Intriguing Photos

When it comes to how beautiful architectural photography can help gain more attention for your company, it’s hard to quantify overnight. Depending on the situation, you could see a return on your investment in photography rather quickly, but most of the time attention builds over time.  It builds and builds until suddenly you realize your […]


Hotels in London, Ontario Need Higher-Quality Exterior Architectural Photos

The photos of hotels in London, Ontario that you’re about to view are just the beginning. Working with a couple clients on lists of buildings requiring architecture photos for website updates and marketing, I set out to do the best I could with the seasonal conditions. Once temperatures return to a normalized level, I plan to […]


No Gimmicks. No Filters. No Travel. Just Grind and Intent.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about my photography. It’s probably due to the time of year (and there will probably be more posts like this). But, it’s thinking more about the work over the years to build my architectural photography business. I’ve noticed something about it all and I am quite amazed by […]