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Getting LTC’d

While out shooting architecture around London, I have had some fun with the fact that I end up getting photobombed by buses. Secretly, I believe I might have been subconsciously attempting to get these photos.  After many photobombed images, it’s become known as ‘Getting LTC’d” and I feel a bit disappointed if I don’t come away […]

Before and After

Architectural Photography Before and After Series

Every site for an architectural photography shoot is different and I’m forced to overcome unique challenges to get a specific final image. These challenges are specifically why I believe a professional architectural photographer should be brought in to capture the project for people to experience. It’s my hope that my narrative along with the before and after […]

Best Architectural Photography Blog

Create a series

Of recent, I’ve noticed myself drifting towards the creation of photography projects. A series of 10 or more photos requires elevated creativity and execution.  Less randomness. More vision and intent.  A series of work requires intent on the part of the photographer. Individual images become like chapters of a book.  Anyone can take a good photo […]