The Latest from Scott Webb Photography

I don’t have something interesting to share every week; however, this week is definitely something special for Scott Webb Photography. Monday brought a couple of releases that I’ve been involved in and you should totally know about. As well, I’ve been writing photography content on Medium. Take a look at the latest happenings around my photography work:

Unsplash + Polarr

Unsplash Filters free on Polarr

A while back, I created a filter called “Electric” within the Polarr photo editing system. It is now available for free with a bunch of other filters created by other photographers that contribute to Unsplash. (more…)

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Photography Matters: Over-index with People

Today, photography matters. The importance of amazing photography is being discussed everywhere in regards to visual success in articles, websites, blogs, and social media. Everyone want’s to create credible, successful, and even viral content. It’s been studied that the right use of photography can play a big role in getting your work to be shared and engaged with in some way.  This goes for the use of stock photography and custom commissioned imagery.

In this blog post, I wonder why some photos or profiles gain far more attention than others? What’s happening when you love 2 photos, but don’t understand why one is liked far more than the other?

Recently, I heard a story of a guy that ran 2 Instagram accounts. He was a little frustrated because one account had a lot more followers but was seeing less actual engagement from them, compared to the other account.


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