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The Quicker You Start, The Quicker You Do.

You can watch a bunch of tutorials. You can read manuals. Nothing is better than doing. And doing can only come from starting. Take photography, for example. Many people ask what courses they should take locally or online to become a better photographer. The best advice is always to go out and take photos as […]

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Already Missed a Vlog Day? So What!

I strive to release a new vlog every business day. After just one vlog, I’ve already missed a day. The vlog life is definitely difficult. The first video was tough, but the real challenge comes in continuing to create on a consistent basis. It seems as if starting is hard, but that’s the easy thing and […]

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Is Architectural Photography Changing?

Architectural photography seems to be changing just a bit… The above quote related to architectural photography is from architect, Bob Borson of Life of an Architect back in 2015. He goes on to say: The images seem to be trending towards more natural looking and realistic photos – which includes reflections and environmental imperfections. I’m not […]