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The Factory London Ontario: The Indoor Adventure Park that was Kelloggs

I know a number of people that are wildly excited about everything The Factory London Ontario is bringing about to 100 Kellogg lane. I am one of them.

I’m especially excited to shoot and share architectural photos of both the interior and exterior for Matter Architectural Studio Inc.

First, I’d like to share 5 photos of the outside of The Factory from my initial scout. I won’t get into all the benefits of scouting in this post, but I’ll post up a new article for that soon.

I’ve really found huge benefits in scouting architecture photo projects. My Scout of the exterior of The Factory London Ontario Indoor Adventure Park opening June 8th, 2018, seems to be no exception. If you’re like me, you’ve probably seen many snapshots of the inside of the Old Kellogg Plant transformed. 

West Entrance of The Factory London Ontario

Scouting images aren’t typically polished images and that’s true for these images of outside the west entrance of The Factory I’m sharing here. They help the architecture photographer to prepare for the official shoot. Sometimes, photographers spend a couple of days scouting to get familiar and get the brain working on how we can solve onsite challenges. These images I’m sharing are still really great and I could see them helpful for editorial. 

Just the other night, around 8:15 pm, the sky looked to have cleared up and was soon to potentially give London a nice sunset. I followed the 5-second rule and grabbed my already packed gear to rush out. My car was on empty, but I’d get gas after. I had to see what was going on over at The Factory! Maybe it wouldn’t be too impactful? Maybe sunrise would be the better option? What time do the outside lights come on? What’s that look like? 

The conditions for us as photographers can really play a big part.

I got over to 100 Kellogg lane at 8:30 pm to start capturing some angles and noting different things to take into consideration.

Here is a photo I took at 8:36 pm:

The Factory London Ontario exterior scouting photo at sunset
The Factory’s West Entrance at Sunset

From this photo, I made a major crop of that huge porch design because I felt it looked closes to a rendering view. As well, I want to get an image similar to this but using a different lens and keeping as much of the 42mp in the photo as possible. And, if you’ve been here on my site before, you know I want to include people in architecture images when possible. Check out the crop that is still an amazing size for a lot of uses:

Crop in close at the industrial entrance of The Factory, London! Sadly, without people.
Crop in close at the industrial entrance of The Factory, London! Sadly, without people.

A Different Angle Of The Factory Architecture

Looking at The Factory Entrance from another angle
Looking at The Factory Entrance from another angle

With this photo from another angle, I left so much room at the bottom as it could be thought of as space to put copy or headlines. Of course, it could be cropped to remove that portion too. I was looking for another angle that I believe could possibly show a larger crowd of people. I mean, I think The Factory is going to be of high interest over the grand opening weekend. 

After these images, The Factory London lit up! 9 pm on the dot the outside lights came on to shoot me over the moon. While I’ve learned there is still some lighting to come, knowing what time the lights come on is very helpful. Since this entrance is in shade at this time of the day, the lighting really creates an entirely new look and feel. Hmm, what if we could manipulate what time those lights come on later in the week? I like how Steven at Matter thinks! This is a factor that might not have come up without scouting too.

The Factory is Lit After 9 pm

Kellogg plant turned The Factory London with outside lights on
Kellogg plant turned The Factory London with outside lights on

I’m not 100 on the angle but I wanted to catch all the signage in a frame to see how it would turn out. These photos are like sketches in the sketchbook of an artist. I play a lot of what ifs. My curiosity gets the best of me. One could add drama to this image by doing a sky replacement, but I really avoid doing that at all costs. I just pray for a more epic sky later. However, a clear blue sky can really allow a building to be the star of the shot.

I do wonder about light painting some of the landscape though. I know this frame will be more difficult once the business is open to everyone. Cars will be in these parking spots. New challenges will emerge. But, the place will come to life with the people.

The Factory London Ontario hitting Twilight

Scouting a straight on angle of The Factory from a distance became interesting as it pretty much hit twilight. Once officially open, it might be difficult to get a photo like this due to parked cars. However, it still feels lonely without people or cars moving. The clouds do help with added life though.

I also can’t help but wonder about shooting at sunrise. Who’s up for coming out to be a model at 5 am? ha.

And one more from this first visit for good luck, right?!

The Factory Indoor Adventure Park Outside at Dusk/Sunset in London

I originally forgot to add this dusk photo into the post. It was to share a bit more context. With these scouting aka sketch photos, I also like that I can use them as to continually work on post-processing skills and methods. You can see in this photo the sky is a bit more saturated though it is catching that blue hour as the sun disappears back behind those clouds. See those 2-4 parking spaces close to the entrance? I’m wondering about traffic cones to prevent some cars from parking just for a short period to get some photos this opening weekend. 

Oh, and for those of you on the edge of your seat wondering if I ran out of gas on the way home, I almost did.

Luckily, I came across a gas station at the last moment and made it! 🙂

Going Back for Sunrise

The next morning, I got up for sunrise. It turned out to be a bit of a bust because of the overcast sky and rain. With sun tracking apps, I still see where the sun should be and I’ve got some other views created in my mind.

Back To The Factory London for Grand Opening Day

It was the Grand Opening Day for The Factor London Ontario. The indoor adventure park was open to the public and I was going to capture the exterior of the building with human activity in the photo. This is something important to me and also important to Matter Architectural Studio Inc. While there were many people coming and going…

There was an issue though: The Rooster. (okay, and garbage bins + cigarette butt disposal things)

The rooster outside The Factory London Ontario on Grand Opening Day – This is a close crop of the actual photo! Square for Instagram?!

I was already at the location, so I decided to shoot for a while anyway. Maybe the photos would be of interest or maybe not. In our case, we do want photos without the rooster so this was more of a second scout. Overall, I believe I would return for my client regardless because there were still a couple of additions to the exterior that needed to be completed. I will have to see if The Factory or the Instagram account for the rooster might want the photos! haha. What do you think?

This visit allowed me to see and show how much people make a difference in the way the architecture is experienced. 

Plus, I felt that the opening of The Factory in the Old Kellogg plant was something substantial.

I wanted to capture it anyway. 

Also, in some cases, I’ll show you how much of a benefit you get from a 42mp camera when it comes to cropping a photo. One photo can become many.

Golden Hour at The Factory London Ontario

Grand Opening Day at The Factory London – Photo by Scott Webb Photography

And here’s the example of cropping this photo to highlight the front porch and people activity:

Crop of the other photo of The Factory with people on grand opening

Where the sun sets in the Summer, the golden light hits one side of the building. I think, in the winter, it might hit this entrance and worth getting some images then too.

Architecture Photography of The Factory by Photographer Scott Webb Photography
Architecture Photography of The Factory by Photographer Scott Webb Photography
The Decisive Moment - Sunset Silhouette on The Factory Porch
The Decisive Moment – Sunset Silhouette on The Factory Porch
Going up the stairs to enter their own adventure!
Going up the stairs to enter their own adventure!
Twilight Photo of The Factory London Ontario with exterior lights on

And we can crop this more and more:

Twilight cropped into a portrait orientation
Twilight cropped into a portrait orientation
Cropped tighter and could be used as a header image on a website
Cropped tighter and could be used as a header image on a website

The Factory is going to be such a great place for Londoners and visitors. I love how excited people are already and I hope they say Wow to the architectural work done by Matter Architectural Studio Inc. and everyone else thus far.

Everything around the 100 Kellogg lane plant being revitalized feels very positive for London. For all kinds of details about The Factory London go to or maybe even hit up their Facebook page at

Let me know in the comments if you plan to go for the Grand Opening of The Factory, what you think of the exterior. Any constructive criticism you may have for me is always welcome too.

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