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A Photo Tour of the Toronto City Hall Green Roof

I would like to take you on a tour. A photo tour of the Toronto City Hall Green Roof: Podium Green Roof. Perhaps you’re familiar with the iconic architecture that is city hall; but yet, you have not experienced much else that exists up that long ramp. 

If you’re visiting Toronto from afar, you may not want to miss out on this space. Or if you’re like me, the photography may serve as inspiration for you to go out and explore what you see up on the rooftop. Let’s go!

Once arriving upon the green roof, there is this beautiful wooden seating. Smart. You might get a little winded up that ramp. This acts as a huge planter and allowed me to find a unique view of city hall.

Unique architectural photo of Toronto City Hall from upon the green roof

Let’s take a left and go clockwise around city hall and see what else we can find upon this green roof. Now, it’s important to know these photos were taken mid day in quite harsh summer sun.

Look as if the summer was taking a toll on some of the vegetation
A quick spin, and a little dizzy, you see the industrial elements to sit and enjoy the space & view
A photo tour of Toronto's City Hall Green Roof needs a detail of the vegetation

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One of my favorite photos because of the woman in the photo

A woman sits reading in the bright sun, ultimately bringing the architecture of the green roof to life for me. We also start to see city hall start to cast shadow at the back of the building.

Even on Toronto City Hall's Green Roof can you find a view of the CN Tower

We’re going to approach the building and see what kind of view we get looking back. In the image above, we can see how short the shadows are due to the sun being directly overhead–a time that’s typically avoided by architectural photographers. Sometimes you’ve just got to break some rules when travelling.

Looking opposite directions on the path directly around city hall. We’re moving into the shaded area, but first let’s look up at the architecture of Toronto city hall and get a rad point of view as the sun peeks through.

Finding my vision studying the architecture at Toronto City Hall
Crossing from sun to shadow at the back of the green roof

You can get a better sense of scale with the people included, obviously unposed. This is simply watching how people interact and spend time with the space—making it alive.

Are you someone that enjoys people in architectural photography or do you prefer scenes to be void of them?

We’re almost through the photo tour of the City Hall Green Roof. 

View to Old City Hall and the Toronto Skyline

End of the Tour

We’ve now gone around the rooftop and I hope you enjoyed the experience. I wish I had more people within the images, but I might have been waiting forever to catch that moment. 

This is my first attempt at a photo essay. I am not sure how a photo essay is truly formatted. With photography being the dominant way architecture is experienced, I felt a tour would add to the story.

The next green roof I’d love to explore would have to be at the gardens of Facebook Headquarters. Anyone able to help me pull that off?

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P.S. You can find a variation of some of these photos at Toronto City Hall on my Unsplash profile. I made a collection to make it easier to find them, here

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