Architectural Twilight photography is also know as photography during the blue hour. It’s got to be a favourite time in the day for me—morning or night—to be photographing exterior architecture.

This is a very short timeframe to capture architecture as it comes alive at night. Viewers are provided with a whole new experience. 

The exterior lights come on, interior lights shine, and the images are more dynamic because of the light streaks of vehicles when possible. 

During Twilight, some of the site imperfections or distractions can disappear naturally too. Distractions such as hydro lines or other types of cables. 

Twilight Photography Creates High Interest

I find it highly valuable to include at least one blue hour photo for projects.
Many times, these are the photos that create big interest and intrigue. People just can’t help themselves to look into the project more.
This is big when submitting proposals and submitting for awards. 
I’ve seen award winners using a twilight image for their hero image. They stuck out, instantly!
On this page, you find some of my best Twilight Photography of which I’ve been fortunate to be commissioned to photograph.
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