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Using ON1 Photo Raw

For this week’s before and after post, I’m using ON1 Photo Raw to edit! Check it out.

This past week, I received my new 2017 iMac and decided it was a great reason to try using ON1 Photo Raw to edit a photo for the before and after series. It is important to know that this week is simply that: trying out ON1 Photo Raw again. The after photo isn’t one that I’ve delivered to a client.

If anything, this before and after serves as testing out the software on my iMac. If you read my initial experience with On1 Photo Raw, I mentioned that it felt really slow. 

On1 Photo Raw has received a big update recently and I can confirm it’s speed is just fine. Everything and I mean everything I’ve tried so far is flying along. Yes, this new iMac is banging, so if there was something that felt ridiculously slow I would know it related to software. Am I an expert on software speed, though? Gosh, no! My point is the speed of the software feels fine now. I used ON1 Photo Raw a lot for my recent abstract architecture art project. It was used for the Resize functionality. If you’ve used this before, it is intensive and can take a while to render. It was super fast for me earlier today when resizing an image 400%. On my MacBook Pro, it took forever and left me unable to do anything else on my computer until it finished. The new iMac is beautiful and fast, allowing me to experience On1 Photo Raw as it should be experienced.

Before & After Using ON1 Photo Raw 2017.5

Now, I still don’t have much experience with editing my photos using the software. For this before and after, I played with some of the available effects. On1 Photo Raw comes with a bunch of photo effects to use and stack. I forget the one I used with this photo, but I tried to decrease some of the settings within it after applying. I still believe something is too strong. (cough that grass). It will take some time to find and consistently hit my own style in Photo Raw but it is so cool for exploring creativity. 

I don’t think I could use Photo Raw for client work yet. I don’t feel enough personal control for editing my architectural photography yet. The comfortability with control could come with more use, but I know that not all features are there if you compare ON1 Photo Raw vs Lightroom or ON1 Photo Raw vs Photoshop. I could send an image back and forth, but I don’t have that workflow thought out yet.

Neat Image

The only element, of this before and after comparison, not done in ON1 Photo Raw is some noise reduction. I am currently testing out Neat Image for noise reduction before I buy it. It’s super powerful and has profiles available for the Sony A7II. It’s looking amazing so far and I’ve added it to my photography wishlist. The free demo lets you edit photos that are a max width of 1600px. 

What do you use for noise reduction? If you use anything. 

Thank You

Thanks for your time in checking this out. This series is a great opportunity for me to try out some new software editing options and share results with you. I’m not sponsored by any company and these are my honest thoughts and experiences. Each of these software have ways to try them out before buying anything. I’ve already got ON1, but I’ll probably get Neat Image soon. On1 Photo Raw is available for free download and a 30 Day trial.

Try out:

ON1 Photo Raw
Neat Image

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