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Western Interdisciplinary Research Building at Western University

The day was absolutely awesome for being on the Western University Campus. I was there scouting the renovations done on the 2nd floor of the North Campus Building and the building for the Department of Visual Arts. These buildings are essentially neighbours to the new Western Interdisciplinary Research Building (WIRB).

After scouting my assigned buildings, I could not resist taking some personal shots of the WIRB from a distance and closer up. In any research of the building, I couldn’t seem to discover any completed architectural photography of it via Google Image Search. There were many of the building under construction and in-progress, but as I’ve found, once the building completed, there weren’t any great images to show it off.

This would be my quick attempt to at least put out a few solid photos of phase 1 looking complete. I’m sure the architect has some though!


These images are for my own personal interest in architectural photography. I like to get that out in the open. I shot these photos of the western university building because I was right there and I had a blog post in mind related to the huge benefit of using tilt-shift lenses. At the moment, I was using my Sony A7II with the 16-35mm f/4 lens.

That blog post will have to come up soon enough.

This moment was one of very few I actually got to explore some personal interest due to high commissioned projects around London.

Skateboarder brings human element to this closer look of the Western Interdisciplinary Research Building

The beautiful thing about these WIRB shots is that I did minor editing. You can see a number of small distractions that could be eliminated. The biggest edit related to bringing the research building to stand straight again.

Pretty happy with the capture including the skateboarded on the road as I do my best to include people in my architectural imagery.

As well, the project is another great example of creative and modern architecture in London and at Western University.

Western Interdisciplinary Research Building in shadow as the sun begins to set


The above image was part of my UWO building exploration to include architecture and landscape architecture. I found it interesting as it presented a number of creative opportunities. A look back in my files will be required because I am confident there are more images of the Western Interdisciplinary Research Building from around here.

After some searching, I discovered more photos for this set. Many were slight variations but I have updated with a handful of additional photos of the beautiful modern architecture.

Photo shot though the landscaping around the modern UWO Interdisciplinary Research Building
Photo shot though the landscaping around the modern UWO Interdisciplinary Research Building
Brain and Mind Institute at UWO London Ontario
From a different angle and in total shade
Emergency stairs at the western interdisciplinary research building in London Ontario
Looking up at the awesome staircase element attached to the WIRB


The staircase element that’s part of the design is really cool and I couldn’t help but grab a ‘looking up’ shot. Again, I’m confident I’ve got other photos that could be shared.

These architecture photos of the Western Interdisciplinary Research Building were not created while working with the architects or builders. Maybe one day! ehhhh. I look forward to exploring all around the building and different time. This is my kind of fun as a photographer.

Architect: CannonDesign
Builders: EllisDon

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