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A Photography Wishlist

Find out what’s on my photography wishlist right…now!

You’d probably expect me to list a camera here. Nope. Right now, I’m happy with my Sony A7II camera. The camera I’d want to put on my wishlist doesn’t exist yet. We’ll probably have to wait until October 2018 for it to arrive. I’m confident it will be another Sony. Okay, okay. The rumours I’ve heard about the Sony A7III are very interesting and it could be smart to pick it up as the new main camera and have my 7II as a second camera when out on assignments and backup. Or, get a used A7RII for those 42 megapixels. Dammit, maybe I do need to list a camera here. I’ll think on that…A7RIII

Instead, let’s talk lenses and other goodies that will help me to advance my work overall. Some of the items on my wishlist might not seem like their photography related, but they all relate back to working as a photographer and being able to do the work that I love to do. I hope you’re already aware of my pursuit into video for architecture projects and for my own vlogging projects. Everything is tied together as a creator.

The items on my wishlist are in no particular order. They are being added as I think of them so that I don’t forget or so that I can refer back to this list later if I change my mind. The gear that is crossed out has been added to my architectural photography gear. A formal page for my equipment will be up in the future.


Yes. I am planning to preorder this beautiful new camera!

Sony 50mm FE 1.8

This is the budget friendly 50mm lens and I’d like to grab it for use while I save up for the higher quality Sony Planar T FE 50mm f/1.4 ZA Lens. I guess I should naturally list that lens next. I want this lens before the end of August to help me with the only wedding I decided to shoot in 2017!

Sony Planar T* FE 50mm f/1.4 ZA Lens

The quality of this lens is apparently amazing and would help for any kind of portrait work I do. But, I’ll be honest and say that I’m after these lenses for vlogging more than anything. I want that rich bokeh. The 1.8 listed above will definitely help me as I save for this 1.4 version. This is one of those items on my wishlist that I may come back to and say I don’t need it because the other lens is good enough for my vlogging.

24mm Tilt-Shift Lens + Metabones Adapter (Canon to Sony)

I know that I can fix perspective within post-processing, but I can’t deny the quality of the Canon 24mm Tilt-Shift Lens. It seems that every serious architectural photographer has this lens in their gear bag and there is reason enough for it. I’m ready to take work to new heights with this lens. Because I shoot with the Sony A7II, I would need an adapter to connect the Canon lens to my camera. The Metabones Adapter is the one I’ve heard most people talk about. I can look at other tilt-shift lenses once I have the adapter too.

Canon 17mm Tilt-Shift Lens

I’ve rented this lens and really adored using it. Wow. A must have in the bag for architectural photography.

Sony 70-200mm f4 Lens

I want a solid zoom lens in this range because I have nothing. I believe I could use it within my architectural photography for tight shots and it would be amazing for some travel when I am able to do that. I can’t forget about the possibility of using a lens like this for photographing friends and family on a personal level too. I opt for the f4 version because it’s both lighter and half the price of its f2.8 sister.

2 x 16GB of DDR4-2400 SODIMM

RAM! More RAM! By picking up this additional RAM memory, I’d max out my iMac at 64GB and know it would be a monster! I never want to sit at 8GB RAM ever again! As well, I wasted so much time sitting around on a machine in the past. This upgrade would not be “cheap,” but my time is worth more creating than watching a beach ball spin and spin and spin.

Polar Pro Cinema Series 6 Pack

These are filters for the DJI Mavic Pro. They’re important for shooting photos and video in the bright sun. I’m taking my aerial work seriously and want to be equipped to shoot great quality work.

Polar Pro Katana – DJI Mavic Pro Tray

Wow. This is high on my list. It’s a holder for the Mavic Pro so that you can use the Mavic to shoot handheld from the ground. Literally amazing and it’s so affordable.

Neat Video for Premiere Pro

This is noise reduction software for digital video. I’ve seen how it can specifically help improve footage shot with the DJI Mavic Pro and I’d be sure to look into how to improve footage from my other cameras too.

Really Right Stuff Tripod TVC-34L

I’ve heard amazing things about this tripod. My current tripod is heavy and no fun to carry around.  This would be a serious investment in stability and be the kind of tripod I should never have to upgrade ever again.

Arca-Swiss C1 Cube Gear Head

This is legit. The price tag is super steep, but I understand how much it will help me out as I shoot. 100% ready for this upgrade too.

iPad Pro

I’d love to have an iPad Pro or an iPad Mini at this point. I’d love this to help fly my Mavic Pro instead of using my iPhone. I could also use the iPad as a huge screen for my Sony camera and make it a remote shutter trigger too. A larger screen would be awesome. I don’t know what the options are or what other people are using but I know there are attachments that will hold an iPad for you to use. This doesn’t have to be the latest and greatest iPad, but I believe the iPad Pro is going to offer a lot of amazing abilities for photo editing with the new Lightroom App. I’m craving this ability. So, kill two birds with one stone. Eventually. If this happened, then I’d need an iPad Mount for the Mavic controller. I have no idea what type. I’d need to research one with good feedback. The iPad simply needs to be able to run the DJI Go App.

Anker Power Bank

There are so many things that I need to charge for shoots. I struggle with keeping my iPhone charged too. The Anker power bank is actually a compact car jumper but you can use it for anything. I don’t want to worry about my batteries anymore.

Architectural Treasure Hunt

This is referring to the desire to travel in search of photographing amazing architecture and creating a project from it. This is about investing in myself.

Tropical Travels

Tropical travels is another form of desired travel to, you guessed it, the tropics. The reason for this would be a vacation to recharge and to shoot pineapple photos for my side-project, Pineapple Supply Co. 

What’s on your Photography Wishlist?

I want to know if you’ve got a photography wish list and what’s on it. Regardless if you’re an architectural photographer, architect, designer, or carpenter, everyone is a photographer today. I am curious what you have your eyes on. Bonus points if you create a post on your blog and share the wishlist. If you do that, be sure to let me know!

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