Canadian Centre for Product Validation


Canadian centre for product validation

Architectural Photography for architects Tillmann Ruth Robinson

London Ontario Canada | Scott Webb Photography

For convenience, you can download a PDF sample of the photos that will allow you to view work offline or review with your team. The original uncompress PDF option is of the highest-quality, but not suitable for sharing via email. Select the compressed version to easily send and share through emails.


I assumed the building was over by the Fanshawe campus, but I was pleasantly surprised it was close to home. With CCPV being a quick drive away, I was able to get out to the site multiple times and ensure we captured the building in the way the architecture interacted with the light.

This approach allows everyone to experience the architecture over the course of a full day and provides aTRR with options that could best tell the story for their upcoming submission to the London Urban Design Awards.

With the 2017 London Urban Design Awards on the horizon, aTRR connected with me to shoot professional architectural photography for a couple of their finished projects. The Canadian Centre for Product Validation was one of the projects here in London – a 25,000 square foot centre.

This project became the shortest timeline that I’d ever worked on and I was grateful to provide the photos to the architects in good time to make their submission.

The start of this page displays the exterior architectural photography. If you’re looking specifically for the interior photography, click the button below and you’ll be taken there in a jiffy.


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