It was January and I found myself in Seattle as a live attendee to a CreativeLive class on mobile photography, but part of me was even more excited to see the Experience Music Project by Architect Frank Gehry.

I remember walking around the building many times, shooting with my iPhone 4 and finally taking out my DSLR to get some high-res abstract architectural photos.  Even though it was a gloomy Seattle day, I wanted to see what I could create with such folds and flowing lines.

The overcast sky was a blessing as I forced myself to focus on tighter abstract images of the architectural work. 

Little did I know, the top image would be published in PlusOne Magazine and within The Unsplash Book

I’ve also licensed these architectural photos as Creative Commons Zero. This means you can use the photos for whatever you want, even for commercial purposes. Because of this, just these few images alone have been viewed well over 6 million times and downloaded much more than 26, 000 times. 

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You can find these photos for download on my Unsplash profile. Also, learn more about my Unsplash journey and milestones