12 Aug Real Depression

Please watch. Kevin Breel is a stand up comedian. Real Depression. Depression is real. It's not just "a season." With the death of Robin Williams - suicide - will some eyes be opened up to the fact that depression is not just "my own problem?"...

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I've re-opened NUWOMB; however, the domain is brand new. I'll be explaining the change in the blog eventually! The site is barebones but you will get an idea of the direction it is going. Since 2003 this word NUWOMB has been with me and having opened...

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12 Apr Starting Over

Welcome to my personal website. If you've been here before, you might notice it's now blank. As well, NUWOMB.com is destroyed. It is now NUWOMB.io I felt a blank slate to be necessary for moving forward. More to come - in time.  ...

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